Managing the Project Scope Details

Oversight and Management of Client Projects

Servicing the public and private sectors, Gardon Construction's general contracting services are a collaborative approach to our client's projects.

General contracting is ideal for clients who prefer less involvement in the actual construction process. We are responsible for every construction-related task on a project and offer the final result that meets the agreed-upon specifications, budget, and schedule.

While our clients are kept valued of all job-related development through regular meetings with the project team, Gardon manages the project scope details. We help our clients feel relieved from regular oversight of their projects.

We turn your ideas, plans, and designs into a solid building.

As your general contractor, we work closely with your preconstruction and design team to perform your plan efficiently and safely. We service the public and private sectors.

"With years of building experience, we are your partner in making sure your project adheres to the budget, quality, and schedule agreed upon. Our commitment to our client's success ensures projects exceed all expectations."

We competitively and aggressively compete with other general contractors in our industry. These projects are typically commercial, residential and industrial in nature.

Our general contracting services keep all our client's goals at the vanguard as every piece of the construction process begins to fit together. Our expertise and competence lead to projects finished at the highest safety, value, and quality levels.


Gardon Construction has the expertise and knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently solve the problems that come during the construction period. We always keep an open flow of communication with every stakeholder to guarantee project timelines and goals are consistently met.


We keep positive working relationships with suppliers and subcontractors to guarantee flawless project implementation, supported by our ethical standards of treating everybody fairly. On top of that, our active approach to teamwork always keeps our team responsible for delivering on budget and on time.


Gardon Construction prequalifies our suppliers, trade partners, and subcontractors and thoroughly assesses them based on their previous performance and stability. That guarantees every individual on the job site performs up to our quality standards.

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