Protection and Preservation

Concrete Specialists

Concrete is a widely utilized material in the construction world. Thanks to its robust nature, it's common that concrete is indestructible. Nonetheless, concrete is porous and unprotected against elemental attacks, such as seismic movement, weather, aging, moisture, chemicals, and air pollutants.

Throughout the years as a premier building envelope specialized contractor, Gardon Construction has seen further need to help our clients, with not just the challenges of their building envelopes, but the challenges of the integrity of their sub structures as well.

Gardon Construction has broad experience with each type of concrete repair. We use advanced technology and proven methods to identify and remediate the source of the problem.

Gardon Construction offers comprehensive restoration and rehabilitation services, including studying and assessing existing structures, designing remedial measures, and monitoring quality control throughout restoration projects.

It is our mission at Gardon Construction, to provide our clients with "Protection" and "Preservation" solutions for all concrete structures. Solutions for challenging restoration projects that include facilities such as; parking garages, balconies, plaza decks, warehouse floors, bridge remediation.

We advise on different rehabilitation and repair strategies and help clients identify the ideal fit for their unique needs.

Our integrated service offering indicates we can help throughout the whole remediation process, from the investigation, testing, and diagnosis to drafting, remediation design, documentation, and offer onsite supervision and engineering of the concrete repair work.

Our experts have vast experience in offering concrete services for underground, above-ground, and underwater structures, most of which have historical significance. We have delivered services on office buildings, service buildings, parking decks, bridges, and many more.

Evaluations & Design

Gardon Construction restoration professionals determine and assess the condition of different components of your existing facilities. We do this by using advanced testing strategies to improve conventional investigation.

We also prepare contract documents, including an evaluation report determining restoration program alternatives. Our technical specifications also determine the needed restoration work, bidding documents, plans, and advertisements.

Quality Control

Gardon Construction offers quality control monitoring services, which involve testing to assist conformance with contract documents.

Maintenance Programs

Our experts craft a maintenance manual for the rehabilitated or restored structure, defining the necessary inspections and describing who should conduct the inspections and at what frequency. Further, we suggest repair materials and processes for normal defects that might build to restoration or rehabilitation operations.

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