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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

G.I.R.D Innovation Research and Development Division

Who We Are

For over 40 years, we've earned a reputation for reliability and excellence in Construction Management, General Contracting, Concrete Restoration Services, and Additive Construction in the Canadian Prairies.

Our Vision

We are now emerging as a company focused on renewables. Our mission is to design and produce high-performance, low-carbon, and multifunctional 3D concrete printing materials specifically for the Canadian prairie and arctic regions. We aim to shift attitudes towards embracing and implementing low-carbon solutions in construction.

Research & Development

Our state-of-the-art Research, Development and Training Facility, based in CentrePort Canada-the largest trimodal port in North America-is the heart of our innovation efforts. Led by our internationally recognized experts in low-carbon construction materials and technologies, our team is dedicated to accelerating advancements in the additive construction market.

Our Innovations

We are leveraging material science to create low- and no-carbon 3D concrete inks that are as resilient as they are transformative. By applying the principles of a circular economy, we transform byproducts into end-products, paving the way for the next frontier in green and resilient construction.

Partnership Opportunities

3D Printing Technology Firms

  • Additive construction manufacturing
  • Robotics and machine learning

Suppliers of nanometerials and multifunctional special admixture

  • Advanced innovation with nanotechnology and self-healing materials suitable for 3D printing

Construction Solution Providers

  • 3D concrete printing monitoring systems for quality assurance and control
  • Research and Development Institutions

Focusing on Construction Industry 4.0 innovations to become one of Canada's leading designers and producers of high-performance, low-carbon, smart and multifunctional 3D concrete printing materials.

R & D Collaboration

Partners and Government

Why It Matters

The Canadian Prairies experience extreme temperatures and weather conditions, ranging from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. In addition to the traditional four seasons, we now face challenges like drought, floods, extreme winds, and wildfires. Our resilient construction materials are critical-they are life-changing and lifesaving for both people and the planet.

We look forward to collaborating with those who share our vision for a profitable, efficient, innovative, and sustainable future.

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