Construction Technology Reshapes Gardon Constructions Management Services

March 1, 2022

Construction Technology Reshapes Gardon Constructions Management Services

"As Construction firms start to come around on tech adoption. Companies that are researching and implementing construction technology are reaping the rewards with increased productivity, better collaboration, and completing projects on time and under budget-resulting in higher profit margins." Kendal Jones, Editor in Chief, Contructionconnect, article originally published, December 5, 2018.

Gardon Construction's journey with technology adoption began back in 2012. At that time Gardon Construction was struggling with project document management, recognizing that the firm needed to do better. During that period, Gardon Construction struggled to maintain the need to ensure all their project sites had updated project drawings and specifications for their staff and trade contractors. The constant concern included access to reviewed shop drawings that were accessible by all, and that there was a proper reporting system in place, addressing the communications between all project stake holders, ensuring that the messaging was correct.

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After months of exhaustive internet research, Gardon Construction decided to proceed with the adaption and onboarding of the document management system known as PROCORE. As Winnipeg's first builder in adapting the platform, it began a journey that Gardon Construction could not even have dreamed possible.

The introduction at first, started with the company's focus and directive on improving the company's internal processes with it's Project Managers and Supervisors. As Gardon evolved with the PROCORE platform, the company allowed owners, architects, and trade contractors to engage in the collaborative work environment. Not like other bigger companies that were charging clients, consultants, and trades to operate in a proprietary work environment. The company made it free and available to all stake holders to collaborate and work in.

It was not easy for the company at first, as it was a time where consultants worried about copy right, and that both owner and consultant had no desire to participate in these work environments. But with continued perseverance, Gardon Construction carried on, being amazed how fast the tech was evolving, quickly developed a technology strategy, with a focus on driving better collaborative processes and work environments. So began the journey to a future that has become so highly adaptive, a journey that this SME family enterprise looks forward to.

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"It might be a tough pill to swallow, but we've gotten to the point where firms that aren't investing in new technologies and solutions are no longer staying competitive to those that are strategically adopting and implementing tech solutions. Construction firms that continue to refuse to innovate are destined to die." Kendal Jones, Editor in Chief - Contructionconnect

As we fast forward 10 years to the present. Gardon Construction has earned the reputation as an early adaptor, being able to deal with technical challenges that all SME firms face, with the ever rapidly growing construction tech market space. Gardon Constructions tech processes continue to expand, offering to all clients, consultants, and trade partners the opportunity to participate in these highly collaborative environments. And as the construction technology marketspace continues to develop at a rapid rate no other industry has seen before, Gardon Construction continues to share in its mission and vision, passing this value added onto all Gardon Construction stake holders.

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